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Discover with Pride.

The first-of-its-kind in Singapore, the tour has seen over 2000 guests since its debut in 2022.

Ever feel that we have so much more to discover about LGBTQ life on this island city-state but that it’s hidden in the closet, just waiting to be brought into the light?


The Inclusivity Walking Tour is an immersive journey into the past and present of LGBTQ history in Singapore, aimed at enriching one's understanding of local LGBTQ culture and community and empowering them to discover with pride.

The original tour of its kind, it's time to unveil a side of Singapore that is rarely seen and was once criminal.

He said, she said, they said.

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Highly recommend this tour when in Singapore. There aren’t many tours like this around the world, and I’m not aware of any others in Asia.

Andrew DeLeeuw, United Kingdom

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We were really impressed by the level of detail and effort that went into the tour, and we couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone looking for an unconventional, alternative slice of Singapore that they may not otherwise have been aware about.

Marcus and Eugene, Singapore

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I loved how he passed the mic to the group to add their own lived experiences, opinions, and questions to the discussion. It is not an easy topic to cover because of the polemic nature of queer rights and visibility in Singapore, so I think it is brave and important that Issac brings opportunities for education and discussion through this tour.

Clarise White, United States

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You can really tell that much research and thought was done and this is especially commendable knowing that LGBTQ history in Singapore isn't that well documented so information must have not been easy to get. So kudos to Isaac for that 😁 Twas also my first experience going to a gay bar and I really enjoyed it :) 10/10 would recommend to others.

Muhammad Shaherfi, Singapore

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Thank you Isaac for taking us on the Walking Tour of Singapore. Isaac’s style of guiding was very engaging as he was very knowledgeable about LGBTQ history, sharing stories and questions to encourage the group to share their perspectives too! It was a lot of fun and very informative. Highly recommend!

Alleshia, Singapore

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Went on a guided walking tour and learnt so much. Despite having grown up in Singapore, there were still so much one could learn from others. Time actually went by so quickly! It was raining quite a bit during the tour, but that wasn’t even an issue. 😁 Thanks Isaac!

Jerel L, Scotland

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I had a great time on this walking tour learning about an untold part of Singapore’s history. It deepened my relationship with local places and spaces, knowing now that some of these hold great significance and are testament to the resilience of the gay community. Thank you for hosting this tour!

Jemima, Singapore

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The tour with Isaac was great. It was informative and so insightful. Isaac is not only super friendly, he is also a good narrator and knows how to bring back history to life.

Myrna, Netherlands

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Corporate Clients

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Inclusivity Walking Tours Singapore
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Meet Meryl!

Meryl seems to have gotten the short end of the stick at birth.


Most of their mer-hybrid kind grew up to become majestic beasts with long flowing manes, taut torsos, and dazzling tails that fanned out beautifully like palm tree fronds—and they didn’t give him the time of day.


Does it matter whether it was nature or nurture that made our Meryl who they is today?


Meryl’s story isn’t new. Every LGBTQ Singaporean has a little bit of chubby mer-fishball in them. But though we may be different, there’s nothing holding us back from finding our tribes, discovering with pride, and living our best lives.


Love Meryl? Find stickers on Instagram Stories (search "Pridecom") or download the sticker pack for WhatsApp and Telegram!

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Frequently asked questions

What happens when it rains? Rain is liquid precipitation: water falling from the sky. Raindrops fall to Earth when clouds become saturated, or filled, with water droplets. Just kidding. The tour has a wet weather program. Guests are advised to bring their own ponchos or umbrellas to stay as dry as possible. Also, if you like the kind of humour above, this tour is perfect for you.

Is the tour wheelchair friendly? Although the tour takes place primarily on flat surfaces, there are 1-2 areas that are stairs only. Kindly contact us in advance should you need assistance as alternative routes can be arranged.

Are there non-alcoholic options available? The cocktail refreshment at the end of the tour can be swapped with a non-alcoholic option at no extra cost.

Is this tour suitable for children? The tour has been conducted for young individuals and students interested in LGBTQ topics. Kindly contact us in advance should you like us to tweak the content to cater to younger individuals.

Can we commission corporate tours? Yes you can! Kindly contact us in the contact box below to discuss your corporate needs further!

What is your refund policy? All confirmed bookings are final and non-refundable. However, if you are unable to make a specific date, alternative arrangements can be made to reschedule to the next available date.

Can tours be conducted on other days? If you are only available on specific dates, kindly reach out to us in the contact box below to discuss your schedule!

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