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"Highly recommend this tour when in Singapore. There aren’t many tours like this around the world, and I’m not aware of any others in Asia."

Andrew DeLeeuw, United Kingdom

Photo credit: Tessa Wong, BBC

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A Community
that Plays Together Stays Together

Ever feel that we have so much more to give and to discover about LGBTQ+ life on this island city-state, but that it’s hidden in the closet, just waiting to be brought into the light?

Pride Community is a new digital platform designed to enable experts in various fields who identify as LGBTQ+ to

  • offer diverse participants an array of local LGBTQ+ friendly adventures, activities, and experiences

  • connect with the audience they deserve

Such experiences aim at enriching participants’ understanding of LGBTQ+ culture, history, arts, health and community in Singapore, and empowering them to discover with pride.

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