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20 April, 4.30-7pm, Slippery Slope

Top 3 teams win prizes!
Our prize sponsors

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5 tix to RIOT! Hosted by

Becca D'Bus

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Special naughty toy for our bonus winner!

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A bottle of prosecco to celebrate!

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2 bottles of


Honey Tequila!

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Slippery Slope? Located at 31A Keong Saik Road, Slippery Slope offers awesome spritzers and cocktails and the best service staff in an enjoyable, warm and inclusive space.

What if I don't like spelling? More than just a game for individuals who know their ABCs, our event will have teams buzzing and vying to become the ultimate spelling champions. With drinks, questionable company and a whole hive of wacky words, we promise an unbee-lievably great time - even if spelling is not your usual cup of honey!

Is there food provided? Our partner kitchens are open with a full service menu to satiate your hungry appetites. Don't worry about trying to catch dinner prior, the venue has got this covered!

What does the ticket cover? Each ticket covers 1 house pour drink, entertainment for the evening, a chance to win our top 3 prizes, a chance to be crowned Singapore's first spelling queen bee, as well as all logistics and materials required for the game.

What if I don't have a group of 5? Single players and smaller groups are more than welcome! We will team you up with other players and ensure that you have a bee-autiful time as a mixed group. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and who knows, even your next date! P.S. A mixed group from our previous event later became a mini-fan club for JoJo Sam Clair. This part is entirely optional and at your own risk.

What is your refund policy? All confirmed bookings are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to make the event due to unexpected commitments, not to worry - tickets are transferable.

Who is JoJo Sam Clair? Excuse me gurl how about who are you?!

Is there a PayNow option? Yes, we accept transfers to UEN 53422226M! Please inform +65 98804043 if you have made payments through PayNow.

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