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with Pride.

Ever feel that we have so much more to give and to discover about LGBTQ life on this island city-state, but that it’s hidden in the closet, just waiting to be brought into the light?


Now with Pride Community, we can.


Pride Community is a new digital platform designed to enable experts in various fields (guides, trainers, hosts, instructors, writers, facilitators, connoisseurs, and aficionados) who identify as LGBTQ to offer diverse participants an array of local LGBTQ-friendly adventures, activities and experiences and connect with the audience they deserve.


Such experiences aim at enriching Singaporeans’ understanding of local LGBTQ culture and community and empowering them to discover with pride.

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Be Part of the Community

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Pride Member

Be part of a revolution


Register as a Pride Member


Find and sign up for an experience with like-minded folk


Leave feedback and spread the word about Pride Community!

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Register as a Pride Partner


Create and host an experience with our resident curator


Get paid and receive feedback - be inspired to share more!

Meet Meryl Meryl

Meryl seems to have gotten the short end of the stick at birth.


Most of his mer-hybrid kind grew up to become majestic beasts with long flowing manes, taut torsos, and dazzling tails that fanned out beautifully like palm tree fronds—and they didn’t give him the time of day.


Does it matter whether it was nature or nurture that made our Meryl who he is today?


Meryl’s story isn’t new. Every LGBTQ Singaporean has a little bit of chubby mer-fishball in them. But though we may be different, there’s nothing holding us back from finding our tribes, discovering with pride, and living our best lives.


Love Meryl? Find stickers on Instagram Stories (search "Pridecom") or download the sticker pack for WhatsApp and Telegram here!

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